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Receiving Unwanted Calls or Texts

I'm receiving unwanted calls/text messages on my EngageCRM phone line. What can I do? EngageCRM phone numbers may be called or texted to by outside users, just like any other phone number. To help pre...Read Post

Phone Carrier Text Message Filtering

SMS Carrier Filtering in the United States and Canada This is a brief overview of text message filtering by wireless carriers in the United States and Canada that can affect the delivery of your Engag...Read Post

Text Message Segment Guide

What is an SMS message segment? All phone carriers internationally measure text messages in character batches called segments. Segments are typically 160 characters (GSM-7 encoding) or 70 characters ...Read Post

Engage Messaging

Scale and GrowYour Business with Text Messaging Increase lead conversion, improve online reputation, and generate more referrals and repeat business! Text DEMO to ...Read Post